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So you can still watch on the TV or the computer while you enjoy taking movies with you anywhere, thanks to the Netflix app.

Yes, the Galaxy Note comes with the S Note note-taking pad. A more straightforward note-taking approach can be found by obtaining the Fast Notepad app from the Google Play Store.

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Fast Notepad is more of a traditional note-taking app — one that lets you jot down quick thoughts without a lot of cumbersome features and options obscuring that basic task. It may turn out that a particularly bright star in the sky is, in fact, the planet Jupiter.

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The Sky Map app is elegant. It turns the Galaxy Note into a window you can look through to identify things in the night sky. Just start the app and hold your phone up to the sky. Pan the phone to identify planets, stars, and constellations. The Galaxy Note features an LED lamp on its rump, used for flash photography or to brighten up the subject when shooting video.

It even has a Morse code feature for signaling, well, however few people are left in the world who can read Morse code. Way back in the day, people walked around with tiny, portable gizmos. The devices were completely wireless, yet they produced music.


Yep, our ancestors could take their tunes with them anywhere they went. The gadget was a transistor radio.

Your Galaxy Note is far thinner and a heck of a lot more useful than a transistor radio, yet it can serve the same function when you obtain the TuneIn Radio app. Use it to find a favorite Internet radio station, and then sit back and listen.

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While TuneIn Radio is playing, you can do other things with your phone, such as check Facebook or answer e-mail. It's the best touch screen keyboard we've ever used and its word predictions are so accurate, they actually scare us a little. You can even shrink it and move it around for easier one-handed typing. It lets you jot down mathematical expressions on the screen before converting them into digital text and outputting the results in real time.

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Now if only we could math properly This racing game is one of the best-looking Android games we've seen and it'll look superb on the Note 3's excellent 5. With its quad-core Snapdragon innards and 3GB of RAM, the Note 3 will eat through this demanding game like a hot chainsaw through a barrel of butter. This handy little app lets you doodle directions over a live view of Google Maps' regular and satellite views.

It's a great way to share directions with someone, and you can draw naughty images over your house too, if you're into that sort of thing. The recently update app is smoother than ever and combined with the Note 3's lusciously large screen will, will be a godsend on boring commutes, especially if your contract takes advantage of its 4G smarts.

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Flip books have never stopped being cool. Trouble is, we no longer have any French textbooks left to scribble in. Enter FlipaClip, an app which lets you create accurate doodles with the Note 3's excellent stylus before animating and editing them at your leisure. Welcome to the 21st century.